Hi! I'm Janos Dragos.

I've been developing iOS apps for the past 6+ years and I created this site to give a bit more detail about what I do.


Synchronoss Personal Cloud

The Synchronoss Personal Cloud app is the in house solution for synchronizing and sharing personal digital content.

Verizon Cloud

This app is a white labeled version based off of the Synchronoss Cloud app codebase. It shares most of the baseline code features albeit with different theming, text and additional functions.

Verizon Content Transfer

This app is the Verizon variant of the Content Transfer codebase developed by Synchronoss. It allows for Peer to Peer transfer of contacts,photos and videos.

AT&T Mobile Transfer

This app is the AT&T variant of the Content Transfer codebase developed by Synchronoss. It allows for Peer to Peer transfer of contacts,photos and videos.

Museum Tour

This app provides information of Hungarian museums country-wide. Among the features it provides are: detailed descriptions, faq and map locations of museums.

Word Learner

This app is an English-Hungarian language word teaching tool. It allows the user to select a language package and schedule words to learn at a selectable frequency which are then presented by local notifications according to the selected schedule. After all words are shown, a quiz is available consisting of the sent words in a randomized order. Simple quiz result statistics are also available as well as a dictionary with definitions and audio of the word pronounced in English and Hungarian. It includes a free 50 word package in addition to other packages via in-app purchasing.


MoneyWYN is a personal finance app that is based on the concept of needs, wants and savings. I was charged with implementing an import/export mechanism as well as a currency selection area. The currency selection portion of the app required application-wide changes to allow the app to display amounts with formatting. For the import/export portion, the requirement was to allow the use of csv file to import existing data or to generate a csv export that can be attached as an e-mail or saved to iTunes.

SEAT interactive manual

This app was created for SEAT Hungary to allow users the ability to read digital manuals of several models of SEAT vehicles. Among it's functions are: digital manual viewing with zoom, dashboard view, table of contents, search and dealer locator (a basic route finder is included). This app was created to function on iPad as well as iPhone.

Dimag Paint

This app was created as a simple coloring tool for children. It uses pre-created outline drawings to allow the user to fill in the blank areas. The app allows for the selection of several colors, brush sizes, eraser, reset and sending finished colored drawing via e-mail or facebook. The app uses openGL drawing functions to allow for fast and efficient drawing.

Dimag Tools

This app allows a user to pick a holiday,birthday or name day greeting from a list of categories which they can then send via e-mail or sms. There are 4 versions of this app for various holidays including Valentine's and Easter that work off of a common codebase. It was created in 3 days right before the Christmas holidays and enjoyed quite a few downloads during the holiday season.

Some of My Source

EJDBKit Framework

This project is an attempt to wrap the very excellent ejdb C library into a convenient and easy to use objective-c framework.



This was the app I decided to create as the Capstone Project requirement for the Udacity Swift iOS Developer Course.


Instructional videos

I've just started to create instructional videos showing features of iOS (both new and existing ones). I am quite new to this, so expect these videos to get better with time. :)


In this video, I give a brief overview of the new Notifications api introduced in iOS 10.

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